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dr. Andrea Keglovics
Keglovics Law Office
H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Salétrom str. 3. ground floor. 16.,Hungary
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This homepage was constructed with regards to the provisions of the Regulation No. 8/1999 (22. March) of the Hungarian Bar Association on the ethics and expectations of the professions of Lawyers amended and restrained by the Regulation No. 5/2008 (27 Oct.) of the Hungarian Bar Association.

S p e c i a l i t y

· commercial law (representing small and medium companies and company groups in everyday business, attendance in business negotiations, drafting and interpreting agreements, management and settlement of claims)

· compensational law (legal proceedings in relation with personal injuries and property damage, vehicle damage arisen from foreing and domestic accidents against the damaging parties and furthermore insurance companies, legal representation in legal proceeding and amicable settlement in connection with labour accident and medical malpractices)

·  insurance law (damage settlement, interpretation and invalidity of contracts, attendance and counseling of problems arisen from the services of insurance companies),

· property law (contracts and related procedures in relation to the transfer of the ownership of property /sale and purchase agreements, donation agreements etc./,  property improvement and investment, issues and counseling on Condominiums, acquisition of property of foreign citizens in Hungary, sale-and purchase agreements of arable),

· matters related to trademark and other intellectual property, representing and counseling firms operating webshops,

· labour law (representing employers and employees, drafting labour contracts, legal disputes and counseling in relation of labour issues),

· corporate law (foundation and modification of firms, liquidation, wind-up procedure and bankruptcy),

· legal representation in legal proceedings,

· contribution in administraion proceedings,

· litigation on personal status.